Telenet: static IP addresses for LAN connections


Recently I became a private customer of Telenet. They provided me with a wireless docsis 3 modem. It is a pretty white box that can be configured online. Eventually I wanted to distribute some fixed IPs on my LAN. But there was no such option in the modem’s settings and the documentation entry on this purpose was out-dated. I contacted tech support but they did not know the answer, as well. Then I asked a friend of mine, Matthias Verstappen, and he had a simple answer for me. I summarize it below.


Telenet private customers having a 24*8 DOC 3 WIRELESS(DOCSIS) modem and willing to assign fixed IP addresses to some of their devices, such as a file server.


You can not distribute static IP addresses based on the MAC addresses of your devices as there is no such option in the Telenet modem’s settings.


Configure your device to use a static IP address instead of getting it through DHCP. You may use any of the addresses between 2 and 49, i.e. No configuration of your modem is required.

Note: Addresses between 50 and 99 may be used by Telenet for their digicoders. So, be careful in this range.


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